Birthday Parties


inside-tvsI got you covered Dad

Imagine their excitement when our luxury, limo-style Game Theater pulls up at the party…or…imagine how thrilled they’ll be to be handed their amazing Laser Tagger and get ready for awesome “combat” with their friends…Our Game Truck has Seven HUGE High-Definition TV’s and all the best games and consoles. Awesome lighting, kickin’ sound…the most amazing party you’ve ever seen! 20 gamers can play at one time inside!  With our outside TV’s up to 28 gamers can play at once! Our Laser Tag allows up to 16 players to blast away in an exciting but safe environment!

It’s a party AT your house, but not IN your house! 

Your Birthday Party Includes:

  • A Game Coach to assist with your party
  • Use of our 7 HUGE Hi-Def TV’s (5 inside and, weather permitting, two more outside)
  • Use of our video game collection. See our games!
  • Use of our Xbox, Playstation and Wii gaming consoles.
  • Custom E-Vites that you can print out or simply e-mail to guests!


90-Minute Video Game Truck Birthday Parties
Weekends (Fri-Sunday): $385
Weekdays (Mon-Thurs): $359

2-Hour Video Game Truck Birthday Parties
Weekends (Fri-Sunday): $425
Weekdays (Mon-Thurs) : $409

90-Minute Laser Tag Birthday Parties (read about Laser Tag Here!)
Weekends (Fri-Sunday): $365
Weekdays (Mon-Thurs) : $335

Combination Video Game Truck & Laser Tag Parties
(3 Hour party with 90 Minutes of Video Game Truck & 90 Minutes of Laser Tag)

Laser Tag parties include up to 16 Laser Taggers.
We can rotate players for large groups.
Additional Time can be added when booking.